Schedule of Lessons

Jan 10 – Signs of the Times

Jan 17 – Jesus Among the Lampstands, Part 1

Jan 24 - Jesus Among the Lampstands, Part 2

Jan 31 - Jesus Among the Lampstands, Part 3

Feb 14 – Supreme Headquarters

Feb 21 – The Seven Seals

Feb 28 – The Seven Trumpets, Part 1

Mar 14 – The Seven Trumpets, Part 2

Mar 21 – The Dragon, the Child and the Beasts

Mar 28 – The Final Harvest

Apr 11 – The Seven Bowls

Apr 18 – Babylon, the Mother of Prostitutes

Apr 25 – The Judgement of Babylon

May 9 – King of Kings and Lord of Lords

May 16 – Judgement Day

May 23 – New Jerusalem

Does the book of Revelation scare you? Do you skip studying Revelation because it's confusing? Revelation doesn't have to be scary or confusing! Steve McLean walks us through step by step in understanding this often misunderstood book of the Bible!

Click on the links below to hear the messages presented on Revelation.

You can also listen to us on YouTube!  Click here!

If you would like to sign up for our email notices or if you have questions regarding the Revelation Series, please reach out to us by filling out the form below!

Study guides available upon request!

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